Utopia is the first commercial mission to Mars taking 100 passengers & 30 crew members to the planet to begin the process of colonization. The passengers & crew will all be required to undergo or have previous experience in a required trade or profession due to the diverse skill set needed on a new planet, alongside the ticket cost of £500,000 the journey will take approximately 120 days from launch to landing. This mission is all based around SpaceX’s recent announcement of their plans to take passengers to Mars in 2024.


Create a unique & exciting brand for the Utopia mission which inspires a new generation to explore space & support space exploration on similar levels to the space age of the 60s. As passengers will be paying customers the visual style & designed elements should be visually engaging & reminiscent of the mission to Mars, consider that the design used in this initial mission may mark how design is used on Mars in the future, therefore how could it differ from current design styles? Or even influence life on Mars?



The key aim of this project is to raise excitement in the everyday population around SpaceX’s recent plans to take passengers to Mars starting from 2024. To inspire a new space age I have created a range of visuals aimed at clearly visualising the reality of these missions to create excitement for the journey to Mars.

The key visual element of this project is the dynamic lines used to aid functionality & provide a visual representation of the journey to Mars. In the future, I believe functionality will be the main basis for how design is created due to harsher conditions & a stronger scientific culture. The lines always come together at one point which is a representation of not only the journey to Mars but the giant step this mission is for humanity progressing us to a space bound species.