Twist - Tea With Endless Possibilities

This brief asked me to revolutionise the tea industry for a modern market. I achieved this by creating the branding, packaging and general visual identity for Twist, a speciality tea company whose product revolutionised the way tea is consumed.

Creating a condensed shot of tea allows for similar varieties the booming coffee market has such as lattes & cappuccinos, but for tea! This variety is represented through a bold modern use of the Tangram puzzle game combined in unique ways to show the variety of Twist.



Tangram - Japanese Puzzle Game

Tangram is a Japanese puzzle game in which the player uses the 7 shapes found in a block to create a range of different illustrations, type and more. These shapes are designed to be visually pleasing & symmetrical when joined together. This endless possible designs that can be made using these shapes is a great representation of the Twist drink, while also giving the product a dynamic vibrant visual style that can cover all aspects of the brand.